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No More Guesswork: Learn How to Build a Profitable Sales Funnel from Scratch!

In February 2024 I earned this award for generating over $110,000 in sales, from a single sales funnel and a $9.97 product... in just 11 months.

That sales funnel continues to generate more profits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, as you may already know, creating a successful, profit-generating sales funnel is not easy.

It takes time, money, skills, expertise and effort.

And it can be totally overwhelming, just trying to get started.

There's so many Questions that need to be answered...

How do I know which is the best funnel strategy to use?

How do I develop my product, build my brand and create a compelling Lead Magnet?

And how do I create high-converting Facebook Ads to grow and scale my sales?

How do I leverage my Email list, and create Automations, so my business runs 24/7 on auto-pilot, without me constantly watching over it?

Thankfully you don't need to figure any of this out for yourself.

Here's why.

Having created one $100,000 sales funnel, I'm now creating another one...

... In a brand new market, in a new niche, with a new product, and a new funnel.

I'm started again from scratch, from zero.

With No email list, No product, No lead magnet, and No sales.

And I'm recording every step I'm taking, every decision I'm making, and every mistake - all in real-time.

You'll be able to see how I use split-testing strategies - and a healthy obsession with metrics, to overcome the challenges of generating leads, sales and profits.

You'll see my successes and failures, as I progress on this journey to $100,000.

I'm documenting everything for you as it happens, day by day and week by week, so you can watch, learn and discover the valuable shortcuts that will save you hours of heart-ache and a great deal of money.

And I'm giving you a front-row seat.

You can 'look over my shoulder' at every stage, and see exactly how I create every funnel page, every email automation, and every Facebook Ad campaign.

(I've been running Facebook Ads for over 7 years now).

So, no more guesswork.

This will save you weeks or potentially months, by learning how to avoid the mistakes and discover the strategies that will transform your funnel sales.

This is not just a plan of 'What' to do, it's also the 'How' to do it!

This is the definitive Funnel-Building manual for business owners.

So, are you in?

There's already 15 videos step-by-step videos in the library ready for you to watch right now - and I'm recording new sessions every week - and answering questions in the Private Facebook Group.

This is without doubt the lowest cost, risk-free way to build a successful sales funnel.

Here's what you're getting...

Here's a brief summary of your first 15 Videos

  • Video 1: Key Lessons From My First $100K Funnel
  • Video 2: Where & How You Get Started?
  • Video 3: Test Your Funnel First, Then Build
  • Video 4: The Power Of Creating An MVP
  • Video 5: Should You Build A Funnel Or A Brand?
  • Video 6: Setting A Strategy For Long-Term Success
  • Video 7: Key Components Of Your Brand
  • Video 8: Building A Pilot Funnel
  • Video 9: How To Develop Your First Product?
  • Video 10: Creating Your Compelling Lead Magnet
  • Video 11: Aligning Your Ads, Optins & Offers
  • Video 12: What Are Your Best Marketing Hooks?
  • Video 13: Build Your First Facebook Campaign
  • Video 14: Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Video 15: Campaign Results & Analysis

And there's more new Videos, every week!

Get unlimited access to the complete Video Library, with new videos every week.

Plus get your questions answered in our Weekly Q&A calls and support from the Private Facebook Community.

Start Your Order Here. Just $37 Per Month.

Cancel Anytime.

Here's what you'll be getting:

  • Step-by-Step Guided Journey, starting from ZERO!
  • Lifetime access to an extensive video lesson library.
  • New videos are added every week, as the Journey continues.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for tips, strategies & support.
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions to answer your questions.

This is the ultimate low-risk, low-cost, shortcut to creating a successful business, brand and sales funnel.

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